Key Takeaways

  1. A minimally viable presentation (MVP):
    1. Is tailored to the needs of the specific audience
    2. Follows an identifiable structure
    3. Includes a powerful opening and closing
    4. Uses transitions to signpost overall structure and how sections connect to one another

Explore Further

optional exercises for further reflection and practice



  • Record yourself on video giving a 90-second impromptu talk in response to the question, “What is one thing you would change about your country?” Choose an identifiable structure and try to apply it throughout your talk. Review the video to see how you did.

Build Your Checklist

this list grows throughout the academic quarter
  1. Create Anxiety Management Plan (AMP) and use when speaking publicly
  2. Define audience and speaking goals:
    1. Who am I speaking to?
    2. What are their needs?
    3. What do I want them to know, feel, or do differently after hearing me?
  3. Choose and apply an identifiable structure, such as:
    1. What, so what, now what?
    2. Problem, solution, benefit
    3. What is, what could be, new bliss
  4. Create a powerful opening and closing
  5. Create transitions that:
    1. Resummarize prior section
    2. Introduce next section
    3. Signpost overall structure
  6. Practice and digitally record talk repeatedly, refining:
    1. Visual delivery: Stance, movement, gestures, eye contact
    2. Vocal delivery: Volume, dynamics, pace, tone
    3. Verbal delivery: Clear and vivid word choices, minimizing fillers