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At the GSB, we develop Leaders for Society

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Leadership for Society Speaker Series

Professor Brian Lowery sits down with prominent leaders for a series of conversations on the most important issues of today. 

Tensions: Business, Civic Society and Politics

Tensions: Business, Civic Society and Politics

Winter 2024 | Professor Brian Lowery dares to ask the questions that demand answers in our provocative speaker series examining the significant opportunities and major challenges of balancing short-term return on investments with long-term goals of sustainability, equity, and social stability through the theme Tensions: Business, Civic Society and Politics.

Leadership for Society
Scholars Program

Leadership for Society Scholars study the interplay of business and society through specialized coursework, a leadership role on campus, and a policy research project addressing the Leadership for Society topic of the year. In doing so, they develop the knowledge, network, and credibility to become agents
of change in their chosen field of work.